Kids Safety

Most accidents happen before the bus arrives, or after it's gone. How you behave before and after your bus ride is as important to your safety as behaving well while traveling on the bus.

Waiting for the Bus

Allow plenty of time to get to your bus stop and never run across the road if you are late!

Wait at the bus stop sensibly, don't run around or push and shove to get on first, especially in front of a moving Bus. You need to stand at least 5 big steps back from the kerb as the bus arrives to stay out of the Danger Zone- sometimes the front of the bus can go over the footpath when it pulls in. When the bus has stopped the driver will open the door so you can get on safely.


Riding in the Bus
Find a seat and then stay there facing the front, especially while the bus is moving.
Your driver's job is to drive you and your friends around safely, so please don't be noisy, annoy other passengers or distract the driver… you could cause an accident. 
It is important to keep your bags and belongings out of the aisle.
Well behaved kids travel safely



If it is necessary for you to travel with three people in a double seat, make sure you keep the seat backs in the upright position, so everybody has a comfy ride.

Extra passengers means extra good behaviour

Getting off the Bus

Let the driver know your stop is coming up in plenty of time, and don't stand beside or in front of the driver while the bus is still moving. Try and keep your belongings together and mind that the straps don't catch on anything as you hop out. If you drop anything near the bus as you get off, let the driver know what happened so you're not in the danger zone when you try to pick it up.


Never try to cross the road until the bus has moved off and you can see clearly both ways.

Never try to cross the road in front of the bus or between parked cars.

If a grown up is going to meet you at your stop please ask them to park on the same side of the road as your bus stop and to leave plenty of room for the bus when it gets there. Remind them that parking across the street is one of the most dangerous things they could do… If they can't park on the same side of the street, they should be at the stop early enough to meet you and walk across the road when the bus has moved off and you can see both ways to cross safely.


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